Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ode to President Hinkley

Sigh. Tears. I miss him already. I was just reading some of his words in the Ensign today about keeping our lives balanced. He said we need to "take some time to do a little meditating, to do a little exercise." I will never forget the impact it had on me when I read his words in the nine ways to be. He mentioned in there that we needed to take time to look at the stars( a hard thing sometimes in California) and ponder our place in the Universe. I'm going to try to incorporate the exercise somehow.
They had a spot on him on the Fox 11 news. The church has definitely come out of obscurity during his time as Prophet and President. He was awarded the highest award from the President Bush. Truly, a friend has departed, a life that touched ours for good. However, most important, he was a prophet of God. I'm glad he'll be with his Marjory. They were so cute together.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


That's right. I bet you didn't even know how wonderful veneagar is! here are a few uses that I have found helpful.
1. for that hard to clean bottle--the one with the hard film of breastmilk and hard water. For those of you with dishwashers, maybe you don't have this issue. Just fill the blottle with a 1:3 ratio of vineagar and water and let it sit for about 10 min. It doesn't matter if the water is hot or cold. The wash with hot soapy water. No more scrubbing for me.
2. Cleaning hard water spots off your shower hear. just soak it in vineagar and water-- we have such hard water that I had to use straight vineagar.
3. To clean and eliminate old stains from clothes. A. ring around the collar, or sleve. b. paint on your new pink pregnant pants that you just got at Gap maternity and are in love with because they have the most comfortable waistband you have ever felt in your pregnant life. c. ultra brightening your yellow pit stains from your white shirts or underware. Use 1:1 ratio of dishwasher soap and vineagar. Please, use extreme caution when using dishwasher soap. Use the premixed kind WITHOUT bleach, as that kind of soap can turn your cute pink painted pregnancy pants into pink pregnant pants with a white blotch where there was yellow paint. apply this mixture to the exact spots you want, or for general brightening, just add to your washer load on the soak cycle. Drain and then wash normally.
4. Getting the yucky smell out of carpet or other area. You can use this after your kid upchucks all over the carper, or pees there. I use about a 1:3 ratio. However, we do have a cat that sprays out door, and I make it a little bit stronger for that job.
5. Cleaning your windows. use a 1:2 ratio for this job. You just spray some on the window of your house or car and wipe with a newspaper--no streaks and very greeny. Works like a charm every time.

I will admit, I don't know all the uses for vineagar, but I think it is a highly useful

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my Celebrity Look alikes

Friday, January 18, 2008

Excuse Me?

O.K, so if you have ever had a yeast infection, you know that you can get a little itchy. So I go to the gynecologist and tell her that I think I have a yeast infection. She "takes a look" and says that she doesn't think so.
She asks if I'm still nursing and I tell her yes. Apparently, so she says, when you are breastfeeding, your body acts like you are in menopause. This is good news usually because you don't have a menstrual cycle. However, you are apparently very dry and need some estrogen supplement. However, you don't take it orally, you use it like Monistat (yes, vaginally). Lovely.
So she gives me a sample and then a prescription for it. (PS, she saw on the slide that I infact do have a yeast infection) So I get another prescription for that.
I get home and start to read the warnings of the cream. May cause uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, etc blah, blah, blah, -----and dementia! HHHMMM! I don't think I’m going to be using this cream, I say to myself. I am insane enough with two kids and a husband who's busy. I don't think I need Dementia.
So I call them in to good old CVS last night, thinking maybe I'll just have it on hand. Today, about 11:30 I get a call from them.
"um, your copay for your estrogen cream is $94. Would you like us to fill that?" EXCUSE ME? She repeated the same thing. Um, no lady, you can keep your $94 dose of cancer causing dementia!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dear 14 minute nap

Dear 14 Minute nap,

why is it that you can't see I was enjoying your company? So what that my back yard neighbor thinks he needs to use power tools at 10:30 am. I can explain. You see, he somehow works from his home making cabinets just a meter away from my bedroom window. I try to ignore him, but sometimes it's hard--like today. The banging bothered you too. I can see that clearly now. I felt the same way!
The dog, you say the yappy mutt from across the fence was even louder after the banging(if that was animally possible). O.K., have it your way--he was! Oh, and that other sound that followed that, I can explain that too. That was my son Landon. He doesn't appreciate you as much as I do. I'm older and know your true value.
Please, MY little nappy poo, don't leave me!
Dreamless Girl

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's this?

I'll tell you what it is. I think that I always am updating about the kids and sometimes I just want to rant. Like when you go to the post office and the guy at the counter hasn't clipped his fingernails in so long that there is an indentation where he holds his pen between his thumb and his forefinger. Yuck!
If you don't want to listen, that's o.k. Don't tell me. This blog is dedicated to nonsense. It's my mind. That's what.
I'm not sure who I'm going to tell about this, as I don't need everyone to see what a crazy lady I am. But, I've been thinking about it forever and now it's time to start. I must admit that I want to share some of my recommendations. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Rachel. Soooo, there you have it. There you have it! Things that make you go HHHMMM.
First on the list. Memebers of the church are popping up everywhere. American Idol. Who's watching this, or should I say who's not? PS, did you notice the girl who got the last golden ticket was a memeber? When she said that she's never seen an R rated movie--it was a dead give away. I love how Simon couldn't believe her husband didn't either. We're amazing, us Mormons.
Then on Dance War--the first guy to be chosen on Bruno's team, Zack is totally a member. HHHMMM.
Let's all say it together in a mysterious tone. HHHMMM.