Sunday, February 24, 2008

Should I be concerned?

So I try to be friendly. Wouldn't you agree? Well, we had some neighbors move in next door. They are interesting. Don't get me wrong, they don't have a bra statue out in front like the last owners. However, they do decorate for Halloween, but not Christmas. So anywho, it took us a while to have any conversations with them. They are not married and it seems they have a live in guy roommate too. The first real conversation I had with them, besides the cordial "hello", was after the little incident I like to call "loony on drugs hides in my shed and gets attacked by police dogs and then tasered." I think after that experience we all felt a little closer to our neighbors. We all talk a little bit more after that.
So anywho--I see the couple all the time. Like middle of the day, late at night--you get the picture. They never go to work. So I ask them one day--what do you do? The guy(sad I don't know his name)says he does lots of things. Like he sells cars. HHHMMM. So he buys a yellow corvette and then puts some black alloy wheels on them. Then he sells it. He tells me that he bought it from a guy in Michigan and sold it here for double the cost. Next thing I know--it's back in his front driveway. Then yesterday, I kid you not, he has a Tahoe out in front with doors that open like a Lamborghini. I asked him if this was his new rig. He replied, "yep. I listed my truck on Craigslist and it sold in 3 hours. so I had to buy a new car. I don't like it though." Which means he's going to sell it too I guess. People, the guy goes through cars(and boats for that matter)like candy.
A girl just trying to get a parking space close to my house

Monday, February 18, 2008

A new friend

Well, this weekend, I had a new friend, Raelene, come over and just hang out. I think that it's the first time I've had a friend over in quite some time, Probably since Amanda came to town. I must admit that we get along great. She runs the book club in our ward. She and her husband just had their first baby and he's going to school in Claremont, getting his masters and PHD at the same time in Political Science. Infact, I was thinking after she left that it would be so much fun to introduce her to the gang. And then it hit me--so many of you have moved away and she won't have that opportunity. BOO! You know, it really is a rarity that we were all here together for the period of time we were. And so, my conclusion. . . The Lord puts us together in seasons of our lives. We have the chance to form bonds of friendship. We take it or leave it. And if we take it, those bonds can benefit us infinately.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Dear Avacados,
Stop it! This is rediculous. It is midnight and I am minding my own business. Yet, I keep eating you--mixed with a little salt. Honestly. That is enough. This cannont continue. I'm pretty sure it's not because I'm not having enough fat in my diet. Pretty soon, I'm going to send you to time out.