Thursday, July 3, 2008

What the Heck am I doing?

Somedays I just wonder if I really am cut out for motherhood. Like today. I had this brilliant plan that I was going to teach Landon how to eat today. I stopped his night feed at 6am. Then I tried a bottle at 8am. Nope, kept trying. At 12 I just gave him pedialite to keep him hydrated and let him sleep(no binki). Then I tried again when he got up. Nope. At 5pm we were having power struggles and I lost it. All day and he refuses taking a bottle to the point he is so mad that he works up a sweat and turns lovely shades.
at 7 I finally give in and just tube some nourishment down him. What the heck???! I don't know the lesson Heavenly Father has for me to learn, but I think I am going insane. Is it just my need to control things? I thought I had learned a while ago that I don't have control. Well I'm feeling it even more now. My poor husband.