Thursday, April 17, 2008


So I apologize, to the two of you who periodically check this blog. I haven't had time to rant in script(I've just been doing it out loud)
So my question is, why is it so much harder for moms to take a day off than dads? My getting away is a trip to the hair salon for an hour. Other than that, every other thing is done with the kids--one of them at least and most of the time both. Serge is going to a "competition" campout this weekend. His team of three designed a "dwelling". They do have to hike their stuff a mile and then camp out in their "dwelling" for two nights and three days. WAAA!
Just like that, he has a weekend planned. No arranging for a baby sitter, no worries about the laundry getting piled up, or even worried about his poor wife all alone with two kids--well, he is worried about us being safe. However, I'm seriously more concerned about dealing with two cranky kids, one who just got out of surgery a week ago and another two year old who has anger spurts when I try to tell him his shoes are on the wrong feet.
I love my husband, I just am jellous of how he can get away without worries.