Thursday, April 17, 2008


So I apologize, to the two of you who periodically check this blog. I haven't had time to rant in script(I've just been doing it out loud)
So my question is, why is it so much harder for moms to take a day off than dads? My getting away is a trip to the hair salon for an hour. Other than that, every other thing is done with the kids--one of them at least and most of the time both. Serge is going to a "competition" campout this weekend. His team of three designed a "dwelling". They do have to hike their stuff a mile and then camp out in their "dwelling" for two nights and three days. WAAA!
Just like that, he has a weekend planned. No arranging for a baby sitter, no worries about the laundry getting piled up, or even worried about his poor wife all alone with two kids--well, he is worried about us being safe. However, I'm seriously more concerned about dealing with two cranky kids, one who just got out of surgery a week ago and another two year old who has anger spurts when I try to tell him his shoes are on the wrong feet.
I love my husband, I just am jellous of how he can get away without worries.


Emily said...

That is hilarious. And I have often wondered the exact same thing. Like, when I need to go somewhere, I ask him if he'll watch the kids...but when goes...does he ask me to watch the kids???? Never. He just assumes I will. :) One of these times, I'm not gonna do it. He'll come home and I'll say, "you never ASKED me to watch your kids, how was I supposed to know?!" Sheesh.

You write so well! I love reading your stuff! HIGHLY ENTERTAINING!!

Love, Em

Liz W. said...

Well, not being married, I've never experienced this myself. But, I've observed this many times. And, it's actually one of my biggest pet peeves about the marriage dynamic.

I think that because most women's "job" is taking care of the kids, men just assume it goes without saying. They leave the house every day without kids to to their job, so it doesn't occur to them that they should make arrangements with their free time.

teddi said...

I check your blog too :)

I guess I'm more vocal with my husband. Or maybe it's just that my husband knows I will absolutely FREAK OUT if he leaves me with the kids more just him being at his job without us working out some kind of trade. Try having a melt down or two. That should do the trick :)

Sara Dawn said...

I think I will try a melt down. I do remember Joseph being really good at giving you breaks. Liz, How do I fix it? I think we Serge and I need to have a heart to heart. Em, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. And thanks to all of you for leaving comments.

Liz W. said...

You definitely need a heart to heart.

You're both incredibly busy and stressed, but you have the same goals. So, I think a little pow-wow would help re-align things.

And, if you'd like a babysitter so you two could hit the town, give me a call and I'll pop over.

I'd love to play with your boys!

Wendy said...

Oh, I hear you on this one! Our old bishop used to say things like "Oh, I can't do it that night. I have to babysit the kids". Tyler would say "'s not babysitting when it's your own kids." Of course, him knowing that intellectually is different than putting it into practice. We have had a conversation or two recently about him scheduling my time for me without consultation. Like, "The mechanic is coming to look at the car tomorrow afternoon". Or "I told Nick you'd watch his kids Friday while he takes me to pick up dirt in his truck". This bugs me! I told him I felt it was a sign of a serious lack of respect. That really got him. He's been working on being more conscious of these things since those talks. And I think it's so interesting how our husbands are also SO busy with work or school or church, when there are many times when it's things like what you are describing here, camping "for school" that are more like fun times away from the homefront. I really believe that men have have no idea what it is like to be home, and if they grasped it they would feel bad about their choices. I don't blame them for having no idea - how could they? Even when we tell them? Anyway, I'm counting on them to grasp it completely in the next life.