Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Moms are good enough

So here's my latest rant. Why do women never think they are good enough? We put our bodies on the back burner as we have children. We always think of others--From the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed at night. We are strong. We are intelligent. We are always trying to better ourselves.
Yet I constantly feel that I am lacking. I could have dealt with that situation better. I could keep the house cleaner. . . blah, blah, blah.
Well, no more. I read a post by the Sutters that got me thinking. It linked to an explanation of a woman who was killed in a train accident. She suffered from Bi-polar. She posted notes to herself all over the house such as: I am strong. I can only be controlled by me. I love being me.
What an example. I really need to be more positive with myself. I am strong. I am raising two boys in a world that is crazy. I am living in 400 sq. feet for crying out loud. And you know what? I really love it. Now you may be asking if I am crazy and not the world. However, I love that it keeps me real. We don't loose anyone and we live on love. Yup!
Live it up baby!


Liz W. said...

I hear ya on this, Sara. My self-talk drives my crazy with negativity. I'm going to have to put up some post-it notes for myself.

Thanks for the reminder!

AJ says... said...

I have been thinking about getting some giant sized post it notes for BIG MESSAGES to me. Plus, it's cheaper than framed art!

You are better than good enough.

Tam said...

Ok I don't know if you just put this link on your other blog or I just didn't notice it before cause this is my first time here! But I must say I read every word of it! And I loved it! You kept me up past my bedtime;) But that's OK my hubby's took off this weekend for work, yep last minute was needed out of town dropped and left. Didn't have to worry about anything;) I did manage to convice him to take his oldest son though;)

I love the way you write Sara! I laughed, I cried. In fact it made me really miss the good old day's when we could just rant together about what ever was buggin us! And we always did end up laughing! Oh I have very few memories of those years that don't include you!

Thanks for always being there!

I love ya buddy! Tam