Monday, September 8, 2008

The things that I can do

Since the Olympics, I have really cut down on Tv. It was just taking up so much time, and in the wrong times. Right when we needed to get the kids into bed and have scripture study and family prayer, I needed to watch the results show, or something or other. So, I cut it out.
Now, at night, I hardly know what to do with myself. I think I need to go to bed like at 8:30, shortly after the kids go down, but I still have to wait up to give meds. I can read, which I used to do much more than I do now. And. . .
I think about change. Things are going to change here in a few weeks and I am dreading it. I realized that tonight. Serge is going to be starting school. Work schedules change. What if we have to get a new job? What if,. . .
And then I realize, that we have not changed(well, we did change jobs, but it really wansn't that scary) or places that we have lived, or schedules at all for the past four years. Yeah, we just had our anniversary. Change is brewing and I used to love change, but now. . . I am just a little fearful of the future. What will it hold for us. Most of all, I don't want my relationships to suffer because of the change. It's always hard for me when Serge starts a new quarter, but this summer has been so nice. HMMM. Change.


Liz W. said...

Ah, change...a friend and a foe!

Maybe we can design a positive change? Let's change the fact that I never make the time to come and visit you!

Let me know Serge's schedule and when he has a late night, that could be my night to pop over!

I could use a little Sara, Hayden, and Landon time!!

themayerfamily said...

Anytime girl friend. Serge Starts school at the end of this month. We would LOVE to have you!

Liz W. said...

Yay! I'll give you a call next week and we'll set up a time!

Tam said...

As my wise brother Spencer would say. Change "I like it but I hate it!" It's pretty much the one and only guarantee we have in this life. We will have change! Love your thoughts I can relate!

Emily said...

Good Stuff Sara! I hope that you were able to hear Pres. Monson's Sunday morning good!

Thanks for your constant example of goodness! I think the world of you!!

♥ Em