Sunday, February 24, 2008

Should I be concerned?

So I try to be friendly. Wouldn't you agree? Well, we had some neighbors move in next door. They are interesting. Don't get me wrong, they don't have a bra statue out in front like the last owners. However, they do decorate for Halloween, but not Christmas. So anywho, it took us a while to have any conversations with them. They are not married and it seems they have a live in guy roommate too. The first real conversation I had with them, besides the cordial "hello", was after the little incident I like to call "loony on drugs hides in my shed and gets attacked by police dogs and then tasered." I think after that experience we all felt a little closer to our neighbors. We all talk a little bit more after that.
So anywho--I see the couple all the time. Like middle of the day, late at night--you get the picture. They never go to work. So I ask them one day--what do you do? The guy(sad I don't know his name)says he does lots of things. Like he sells cars. HHHMMM. So he buys a yellow corvette and then puts some black alloy wheels on them. Then he sells it. He tells me that he bought it from a guy in Michigan and sold it here for double the cost. Next thing I know--it's back in his front driveway. Then yesterday, I kid you not, he has a Tahoe out in front with doors that open like a Lamborghini. I asked him if this was his new rig. He replied, "yep. I listed my truck on Craigslist and it sold in 3 hours. so I had to buy a new car. I don't like it though." Which means he's going to sell it too I guess. People, the guy goes through cars(and boats for that matter)like candy.
A girl just trying to get a parking space close to my house


Liz W. said...

Hhhmmm, indeed. It sounds like you hit the jackpot in cooky neighbors.